An alternative vista on the Sushi horizon


At ”Kaido”, we aim to offer an alternative vista on the Sushi horizon

With plentiful supply of fresh seafood from the surrounding seas,
the Edomae Sushi (Edo, being the old name for Tokyo) was invented
and became a quintessence of Japan’s culinary culture,
accomplished and perfected over the course of time.

However, in the 21st Century Tokyo,
we feel there may be room for an alternative style of Sushi.

To respect the tradition, as ever,
while aspiring for an unconventional style of Sushi.
Never compromise on taste,
but perhaps take a little more relaxed approach to Sushi making.

We think, stepping just a little outside the convention,
Exploring freestyle just a little, could be fun!
From Roppongi, Tokyo -
A new sushi style, the “KAIDO” style.